World Cup Wall Chart Wonderment

For some World Cup fever truly kicks off when postie delivers Gould’s World Cup Wall Chart. In this blog Social Media Manager Susan Yeates explores the online reaction to this vital piece of footballing kit.

Every four years a sporty excitement and wave of anticipation arrives here at Gould Publication Papers as the football World Cup begins!

Actually for Gould Publication Papers it began just a little earlier than June this year, because we started the planning and design of our infamous World Cup wall charts at the beginning of the year.

We have produced these interactive wall charts for several World Cups now, and each time they go from strength to strength culminating in this year’s 2014 Brazil edition.

What is it?

Our World Cup wall charts are a popular, large and colourful printed chart following the progress of the various World Cup fixtures.

Each chart is made up of a few separate pieces: there is a large fold-open chart that sticks to the wall, separate little coloured football shirts and a slide over cover to finish it off.

Every one of the football shirts (printed in team colours) represents the 32 qualifying countries. These shirts can be moved along the chart as the tournament progresses enabling you to follow the World Cup at every stage.

Producing these charts was managed by the lovely Jo Morley, our Accounts Manager and Company Secretary.

For Jo this has been several months of hard work in the preparation, planning, designing, printing and finally posting out. In fact, the wall charts have been surrounding Jo in her office for the past few weeks, the piles of charts gradually depleting as they were used up.

But a rewarding job certainly, judging from the fantastic response we have had! Thank you Jo.

Wall Chart Fever

We started sending out our wall charts to clients, suppliers and friends of Gould back at the end of May 2014 and things have hotted up ever since.

As coverage for the Brazil World Cup began in the media, demand for our wall charts rose even further and more staff here became involved in wrapping and posting them out on a daily basis.

Today we have just learned that the wall charts are now completely out of stock – they have all been posted out!

Send your photos #Gouldwallchart

We have also been running a social media campaign linked to our wall charts - asking you to send us pictures of your wall chart quoting the hashtag #Gouldwallchart

We have challenged you to email us, post on our facebook wall or tweet images of your wall chart up on the wall and ready to go.

We are delighted to report that we have received a really great response – photos on walls at home, in the office, and even a photo sent to us all the way from Brazil (amazing!)

A few of the photos are shown here for you to browse through, or you can join us on Twitter or Facebook to post your photo up there to join in the fun!

Even more activity…

A few enthusiastic people have taken this challenge a little further: one company filmed themselves opening up their wall chart and tweeted us a link to the video. We loved the genuine excitement of the opening.

Plus, for anyone with particularly beady eyes you may have spotted some of our wall charts on the BBC coverage of the World Cup where viewers have been asked to take pictures of themselves watching the football. What a result!

Enjoy the Football World Cup!

So with World Cup 2014 fever in full swing, we are moving along our teams on the wall chart, following the office sweepstake and of course enjoying some of the thrilling football matches that have happened so far. What have been your highlights?

Unfortunately, England are already out of the 2014 tournament in the group stages, but we are watching with great excitement as to who will come out on top this year in Brazil.

Enjoy the tournament!