The New Day – First New National Daily for 30 Years

The New Day Launch Masthead

A brand new paper ‘The New Day’ has been launched by Trinity Mirror, the publisher of Daily Mirror. The standalone national paper is the first daily released for 30 years, and its goal is to provide news with no political bias and giving both sides of the argument.

Shining a Light on Newspaper Formats

The New Day aims to give a more modern approach to the news, and along with political neutrality will also deliver good as well as bad news.

However, despite this, the paper will have no website and will try to encourage people to take up the newspaper format once again. It was interesting to note in their Page 2 welcome message that the ‘paper’ gets a big mention: “top quality, snow white and stapled.”

It’s aimed at readers who are limited on time and was free on the first day and will sell for 50p at 40,000 retailers after a two-week trial at 25p.

The New Day Launch Cover
Hard Hitting Story for Day One

The first noticeable difference between The New Day and other newspapers is how uncluttered the front page is. It isn’t crammed with enough articles to make your head spin, instead, it's simple. Showing mainly its top story, with a few smaller highlights.

The top story pulled at your heartstrings, outlining the life of 5-year-old career Aidan who along with his siblings, looks after his mum, who suffers from a severe heart condition. Inside the paper covers the Euro debate, however, doesn’t inflict any one opinion upon the reader and continues the for/against arguments with the latest celebrity news - including Cheryl Cole and her new lover.

The New Day plans to shine a light back onto newspapers, hoping that readers will opt for the traditional route to get their daily news boost. They don’t think they are ‘anything special’, and aim to ‘write like they speak’ and are confident that the paper will help continue the trend.

Everyone at Gould Publication Papers wishes The New Day the best of luck and if you are thinking of launching a newspaper, be it local, national or internal, call us today at 01372 888253 to see how Gould can help you.