The Fantastic Mr. Patrick

This month we speak with Gould’s Thomas Patrick, he of Account Manager fame. Tom gives us the lowdown on all things Account Managerial. Read on, it's more entertaining than you might think!

Tom Patrick

Hello Tom. As an Account Manager, how long have you been with Gould, and what do you find most rewarding about the role?

I have been with Gould for around seven years. Precisely one fifth of my life. ONE FIFTH. 20% of my entire existence in an office in Leatherhead. Just as well we have a great team.

I started in the dummy room and worked my way into accounts management. A big part of the role is problem-solving, which provides daily opportunities to think my way out of a variety of unexpected situations. The more unusual and difficult, the more interesting and rewarding it is.

You are responsible for one of Gould’s biggest customers. How do you find having the pressure of such a major customer on your shoulders?

We have installed complex systems and procedures across the company to ensure the continuous smooth-running of our largest account. The support we receive company-wide is incredible – the high level of teamwork is paramount to its ongoing success.

What are the highlights of a typical working day?

Working in a tight-knit team for so long, you learn to appreciate the humour in day-to-day problems. We often have lively late-afternoon discussions, which serve as both a problem-solving session and an opportunity to have fresh eyes cast over a certain topic.

That, and 4.59pm.

What got you into the print and paper sector?

Pure chance. I had finished helping Toyota arrange and implement a big recall of cars and needed a new job. I was offered the opportunity for a few weeks of basic admin for a paper company and thought I’d give it a go. Seven years later and I’m still here.

Somewhere out there is a world-famous version of me surrounded by models and drinking Sancerre from a chilled glass.

We hear that Gould has embraced the cycle to work scheme. Can you explain how this works, and if it's been beneficial to you? 

A Government-backed initiative to encourage office workers to get regularly exercise, the Cycle-to-Work scheme acts as a sort of tax-free loan to invest in a bike for the purpose of cycling to work.  Essentially – a free bike! It’s fantastic and I’ve seen my general fitness improve over the years. Although it is gruelling in the cold winter months. 

You are also a film critic. Given we're coming up to Halloween, what's your favourite scary movie?

As a critic, I can tell you the correct answer for a Halloween scary film is of course The Exorcist. Chilling, engrossing and supremely well-acted, it is one of the finest films ever made. Surspiria and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are close seconds.

On that note, we’ll leave it there. Thanks Tom!