Report from the CatEx DCA Annual Summit – 5th June 2014

On Thursday 5th June, five members of the team at Gould Publication Papers ran a catalogue paper workshop at the CatEx DCA Annual Summit at the Hurlingham Club in London. With extra chairs required to cater for the additional delegates squeezing into the room as we started, it was a busy but very successful few hours and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing our knowledge and discussing various issues with everyone...

About the paper workshop

Firstly, the team at Gould Publication Papers would like to say a big thank you to CatEx DCA for inviting us to host the workshop and to our partners Sappi International.

About the paper workshop photo

The workshop, from 11am–12.30pm, hosted by our Sales Director, Dominic Blakey, began by an introduction to who Gould are and then moved onto discussing issues such as yield savings, the importance of selecting the right paper to complement your catalogue, the differences between various types of papers and how this can affect the bulk of a catalogue and other potential costs such as postage.

We discussed how “ paper choices for catalogues and magazines are constantly evolving...” and how “catalogues or printed material offer an emotional connection that digital doesn't”. Partners Sappi International helped us to explain in very simple terms some different types of paper including describing matt paper as 'un-ironed' and gloss as 'ironed' paper! There were also plenty of questions and discussion points posed by attendees.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the presentation by Mike Gough, Associate Director of Creative Services of Boden Clothing, showcasing their recent #bodenbyyou campaign to design an island and tell a story for a catalogue cover. Boden invited children to design their own unique catalogue covers, via an online design portal, that would then find its way to being printed on the front of a personalized catalogue.

All in all, a very successful online campaign to promote an offline catalogue product. The presentation highlighted Boden’s feelings towards paper: ‘We Love Paper’ and that “reading a catalogue is a tactile experience...’

The Rest of the Event

Although we were busy running our workshop, we had some time spare to attend and enjoy the remainder of the event. The summit on whole was busy, very well-run, the food was excellent and the Hurlington Club a splendid venue.

Presentations in the main room began at 9.30am and touched on issues such as the evolving direct commerce landscape and the changing attitudes of customers who now shop across many channels. CatEx DCA talked about their corporate re-launch in 2014 and how they believe that the DCA are evolving to respond to the industry evolution.

There was also a morning panel-based discussion providing advice to catalogue publishers today looking to expand out of the UK market: “If you are expanding out of the UK: know your market & find similar markets”, plus a case study from Waitrose Direct.

In the afternoon we watched a fascinating interview with Nick Wheeler founder of Charles Tyrwhitt, telling the story of the company from its very humble beginnings to where it stands today. This was followed by a summary of some recent research by Anthony Jones, Head of Insight, MarketReach. Jones discussed how “printed matter drives people to respond digitally...” and particularly “how catalogues drive your customers online”. Two round table sessions and a business leaders forum led the annual summit to its close at 5pm.

From forest to letterbox: learn about paper!
About the paper workshop photo

Whether you attended our paper workshop or not, don’t forget that we offer complimentary paper seminars to help you learn all about paper and how it affects your industry. These free workshops are short, bespoke sessions where we come to your premises to help in explaining the process of paper manufacturing, distribution and selection.

We will discuss the full spectrum of papers available, from newsprint to woodfree, and answer any burning questions that you may have about paper. (Burning questions, not burning paper that is!) The seminars are completely free, educational sessions and are a fantastic way to learn about one of the most important elements of a printed product – paper. Join us on a journey from forest to letterbox.

We’ll be back…

Gould Publication Papers will also be back with CatEx DCA for another seminar at the Direct Commerce Day South West at Newton Abbot Racecourse on Wednesday 10th September 2014. You can join us on that date for another discussion-led paper workshop. More details to follow shortly.