Print Marketing in a Digital Age

U.K. & International Sales Manager Jack Mulberry travelled to the US for the bi-annual NEMOA Catalogue Conference, to discover just how print marketing is continuing to establish itself in our ever-increasing web-based world.

NEMOA (National Etailing & Mailing Organization of America) is one of the country's most active multichannel merchant associations, and is dedicated exclusively to the catalogue/multichannel industry.
The conference provides a great opportunity for retail and direct mail businesses to network, learn and share what companies are seeing in the market. Around 500 people attend, representing 250 companies, ranging from catalogue, retail, printers and distributors, through to digital marketing providers and paper merchants.
The question on everyone’s lips: “How important is print in this digital age?” Jack summarises: “Printed marketing material remains a crucial factor for retail, travel, direct mail and premium brands. With the digital world becoming ever more crowded and competition constantly growing in order to stand out from your competitors, getting through to your audience is increasingly difficult. Printed material is targeted, tactile and yields greater return. As digital marketing becomes more expensive, more saturated, more competitive, and more promotional than ever, brands must look at alternative ways to profitably drive sales to their retail stores and website, and grow their buyer file.” Key points from the Conference: · Digital adverts are processed more quickly. · Paper ads engage viewers for more time. · Subjects reported no preference for either medium. · Subjects absorbed about the same amount of information from both media. · A week later, subjects showed greater emotional response and memory for physical media ads. · Physical ads cause more activity in brain areas associated with value and desire · An average of 84% of purchases made on the internet are driven from printed marketing material. And the future for catalogues? Jack continues: “Catalogues are proven more successful and in some cases cheaper than digital marketing. In the case of millennials, it is proven they enjoy receiving a catalogue as they don’t get a huge amount of mail, and when receiving a catalogue or printed material they spend more time with it than the older generation, so it’s proven to be more successful with them. And in the case of digital marketing, a click can be more expensive than sending 3 catalogues to a client/prospect. We found that after a successful quarterly catalogue launch with a client of ours, results were strong, and that client has since rolled out to a monthly catalogue program for 2017.” The future for the printed word, it seems, is not dying but thriving. The Stats
2016 Catalogue/Direct Mail - Circulation
44% - Increased quantities 44% - Level 11% - Decreased 2017 Catalogue/Direct Mail Page Count
38% - Increased 16% - Level 46% - Decreased