Prince George in Print – One-Shots Celebrating the Royal Baby

There isn‘t a newspaper or magazine that hasn‘t half an eye on possible major events so that they can produce a single issue edition that not only celebrates, or commemorates a special occasion, but also generates a much needed revenue boost.

The birth of Prince George inspired another swath of print specials that follow a long line of collectable publications. We detail the Royal birth specials below but how many of these covers do you remember, or even own…?

Legacy Magazines

Legacy Magazines‘ Royal Life, the alternate monthly title dedicated to the Royal Family, has released a special issue devoted the royal baby. The magazine looks at the childhood lives and backgrounds of William and Kate, and what influence they may have on Prince George‘s upbringing, pondering the hypothesis that he may be brought up in a more loving and down-to-earth environment than other royals.

There will also be lots of photographs and features following the entire story of Prince George, from the Royal Wedding to Kate‘s pregnancy and the birth itself.

Sport Media

Trinity Mirror was in on the act too. Their Sport Media division released an 84-page magazine, with the gloriously long title ‘HRH The Prince Cambridge – The Royal Baby’.

This magazine tracked the entire history of the royal birth (including reactions from around the UK), and focuses on how Prince George‘s upbringing might differ from the traditions of other royals. Additionally, it included archive material from the Daily Mirror looking back at the reporting of previous royal births from the past 100 years.

IPC Media

IPC‘s weekly magazine for 40-something females, Woman, also released a commemorative one-shot to celebrate the royal birth, which they simply named Royal Baby. Again, this looked at the modern upbringing that Kate and Wills are expected to give their child, and is heavy with high quality pictures (246 in total!).

Visit Britain

Tourist authority Visit Britain has also released a special edition of their regular Britain magazine, which centres around the new prince and the relationship of Kate and Wills. It will also look back at the past generations of royal babies including the birth of Queen Victoria herself.

It‘s fascinating to see the royal baby give life to so many special publications! Who knows what new print media stories the prince will create throughout his lifetime?