How We Work With Paper Mills

Independence is key

As we are not owned by a paper mill group we are able to purchase any grade paper product from any mill worldwide, providing our customers with freedom of choice.

Gould’s huge buying power and global structure is very attractive to a manufacturing mill, resulting in our ability to purchase paper at competitive prices and pass these savings onto you.

The service that Gould offers is all encompassing especially when compared to mills, whose primary objective is to make and deliver paper, rather than provide the additional services which we supply to support your business.

Volume with Service

It’s this bridge that we have built with our supporting mills; making volume purchases whilst maintaining attention to detail, which makes our business the success it is today.

By the tonne, and not the issue

Mills only want orders by the tonne and customers only want to order by the issue, which means a solution has to be found. With the careful translation of a customer’s schedule, approximating print runs and paginations, as well as knowing the actual printing press specifications, we are able to manage stock for our customers in a way that suits them, whilst ordering from a manufacturer in a way that suits them.


The paper trade remains very much a people business and the relationships we have forged with the supplying mills cements the supply chain; from tree to printed title. Approximately 50% of our communication in and out of the office is with our mill partners and it is this volume of communication behind the scenes that is the backbone to the service we provide.

Supplier profiling

With a significant volume of publishing being time sensitive only the very best mills pass our stringent profiling requirements. We need consistent supply at a price structure that is both competitive and reliable. All customers need this consistency in order to budget and forecast without having to worry about unforeseen incidents being covered.

The big 5

The majority of tonnage is produced by “The Big 5” worldwide manufacturers with all of whom we have enjoyed long term relationships. However, our excellent working relationships also encompass the smaller and more specialised manufacturers to give you “the customer” the ultimate freedom of choice.