How Do I Reduce My Paper And Print Costs?

With the challenges that present themselves to the publishing market these days, publishers are constantly searching for the best possible paper and the most efficient price. The following should give you an overview of the key points to consider to find savings in your paper spend.

Reduce Print Costs: Waste

Print efficiency remains the key part to the process; ensure the minimum of waste paper each time you print a title. We work closely with you and your elected printer to agree upon the most cost effective start up and running waste levels. Our entire paper management system is based upon these agreed waste levels and any excess waste outside of this can be claimed back from your printer.

How we can save you money:
Paper Price (our global buying power) Clever Paper Alternatives
Publication Size Analysis Postage Savings
Printer Excessive Waste

Reduce Print Costs: Paper Grade Selection

The selection of grade is paramount and with the advances in paper making technology there are always product refinements and new grades being released into the market with USPs which will need consideration.

Hi-bulk papers have seen significant growth in recent years, allowing a publisher to drop to a lower grammage and make savings to yield and postage. Just 5gsm on an 80gsm paper is over a 6% saving on your largest single production cost. Many grades will allow the weight drop without any change to bulk, opacity, brightness and with very little discernable difference to reader or advertiser.

Advances in uncoated super bright (SC- supercalenderd) papers up to 70gsm, have allowed buyers to move onto uncoated stocks whilst they benefit from increased brightness, maintain bulk and gloss and achieve sizeable savings in the process.

Recycled papers have truly come of age. They offer cost benefits with little perceived quality loss, whilst being in line with your company’s environmental expectations.

By purchasing through Gould, you are networking with one of the world’s biggest global distributors of paper, allowing you to benefit from a pricing structure based upon our global buying power.

These are just some of the ways in which we are able to think outside of the box on your behalf. We always ensure that cost and quality are considered as paramount importance, whilst we maintain a high standard of customer service at all times as well.