How Do I Improve my Print and Paper Sustainability?

Where do I begin to improve print sustainability

There is a raft of opportunities to improve your sustainable profile. It is important to remember the key fact, which is by using paper you are already utilising one of the most sustainable and renewable resources. Gould offers the full gamut of environmentally certified and recycled paper products and will advise you about which paper product will best satisfy your requirements.

What we do

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and encourage our clients to do likewise. It’s not just a case of using FSC or PEFC certified papers – that’s the easy part.

Sustainability includes many other factors, such as consideration of sheet or reel size selection and ensuring print runs of magazine sections are constant, to prevent unnecessarily excess paper waste. We combine an improved sustainability profile within our paper management system so we will be able to help you solve your sustainability issues.

How we do it

Gould Publication Papers drives sustainable initiatives in all aspects of our business model, to provide the most environmentally credible options. Whilst we acknowledge that the forest products life cycle reaches beyond our direct control, our close strategic partnerships with our mill suppliers enables us to offer you as our client and partner the best available paper choice.

The real focus of our sustainability business strategy is to work with our clients to create or find new solutions.