How Do I Choose The Right Paper?

When you are in need of selecting the right paper but are fairly new to the process, it is worth spending a little time getting to know the various options that are available. This research will help you understand the benefits of each grade and enable you to make the right selection for you and your company.

Primarily, it is always good to keep in mind that paper constitutes upwards of 60% of your entire production budget and therefore by default, paper can often be considered the most important thing to sort first.

Key Factors

There are many factors in selecting the right grade. However, the main priorities are:

  • Brightness
  • Gloss or Smoothness
  • Opacity
  • Bulk
  • and of course – Cost!

Paper is ultimately the lifeline to any publication and while it might seem like an frightening prospect, when the above list is prioritised it is very easy to choose the right paper for the right job at the right cost.

Independence is the key to the puzzle

The team of experts that we have within our external and internal sales teams are able to suggest a range of carefully selected grades from the full spectrum of papers available. Our independence means that we are not tied to just one or two paper mills; we source globally from all major mill producers and will supply to any location.

Our team will act as an extension of your production department giving you complete peace of mind. We provide you with a full sample and Dummy: making service for your initial assessment, which will ultimately lead to a print trial for you to see how your title will look on one or more of your shortlisted grades.