Calculating Paper Costs

Calculate your paper cost for any size of print run

With technological advances ever evolving, the paper calculation process has become more intricate. 15 years ago, the majority of printing presses were in the 16 page and 32 page format range.

Now we have 48, 64 and 72 page Heatset Web Offset (HSWO) presses, many Roto Gravure (RG) variations as well as sheet fed, cut star, digital and other potential formats in-between.

These variables make the paper calculator more complex. However, the fundamental parameters remain exactly the same.

These include:
  • Print run
  • Total Pages (Text, Cover, Classified etc)
  • Make ready copies
  • Running waste allowances (%)
  • Reel width or finished sheet size
  • Press cut off
  • Number of pages per printed section
  • Grammage

Bespoke paper budget calculators

The sales experts that make up both our internal and external teams are able to build bespoke paper cost calculators for each title. This enables you to input any print run or pagination and budget accordingly.

This service is same day and included within our complementary paper management system.You will be able to incorporate the calculations within your forecast budgets and as your requirements evolve on a month by month basis you will be able to recalculate costs for budgets through this service.

Another item to consider is Gould’s paper management service and how that helps keep paper print costs low.