All of these products are sourced from superior European mills, with internationally recognised environmental management & accreditation status.


Selected from a top European supplier of uncoated grades.

Eiger Offset is a premium publishing Offset paper. It is whiter, brighter, smoother, bulkier and more opaque than other offset papers and is sold exclusively by Gould Publication Papers.

The benefits of Eiger Offset:

  • Bulk and rigidity that offer the potential for yield savings.
  • An unrivalled smoothness that equals good run ability and lower ink usage than other offset papers.
  • Whiteness, brightness, opacity and even formation that make for sharper images, crisper text and minimal show through.


From the Lecta Group’s French mill.

Coral Offset: a multi-purpose offset paper suited to all applications.


From probably Europe’s largest mill group UPM, their added value woodfree uncoated product.

UPM Fine: it’s in the name. This is a flexible multi purpose product with high brightness & excellent opacity.

A well known uncoated woodfree grade from our Swedish supplier. Multifine: a very matt surface, ideal for marketing material & brochures with its high whiteness good bulk & opacity.
A major player in the woodfree sector, this is their specialist uncoated grade. Tauro /Magno Natural: allied to its excellent bulk, this is an all round product that provides that top end feeling for print quality.
The Italian specialist products mill offering a high quality range. Arcoprint: a natural product suitable for a wide range of print processes and ideally suited for publishing, envelopes, catalogues etc.
A manufacturer of fine paper grades.

Amber Graphic: a high white uncoated fine paper, available in reels and sheets. Suitable for books, dictionaries, manuals, advertising material, brochures and catalogues, in mono and full colour.

Amber Pre Print: a high white technically advanced uncoated paper guaranteed to work on equipment with optical character recognition (OCR). Works perfectly in digital presses and is also guaranteed to work in laser printers, even after offset litho printing. Suitable for direct mail, invoicing, letterheads and advertising materials.