Paper Management: Saves You Money and Stress

Successful designers, printers, publishers and marketing teams know there is so much more to generating printed media, than simply agreeing upon a design and wording.

Those that produce quantities of printed marketing material, regardless of the industry sector they are working in, know that the cost of paper is one of the main factors behind their marketing spend. However, if you have a proper paper management service in place this cost can be reduced significantly.

Why Use Paper Management and What Does It Involve?

An efficient paper management provider will supply many services, but more than this they will feel like an extension of your production team, taking care and managing all of your paper requirements. For example, at Gould Publication Papers we use a dedicated computer system to look after day to day procedures including:

  • Ordering
  • Forecast Budgeting
  • Monitoring printer’s performance
  • Usage statistics
  • Stock Control

Effective paper management service enables you to budget per title or publication and ensure efficient stock control. It also enables you to monitor printer performance using “recharge” reports, which highlights if the printer has “over used”, and if so the value of the over usage, which you will want to claim back. A monthly account report should also be sent to you by paper managers, such as Gould Publication Papers, to provide you with an overview of deliveries, usages and closing stock balances.

Successful Working Partnerships Deliver the Best Results for You

By letting paper management professionals manage your paper you are able to concentrate on your NGcore business. Dedicated paper managers work closely with both you and your elected printers, to create a three way partnership, which will benefit all parties.

We also work with the manufacturers of the paper grades which our customers require, ensuring that sufficient supplies are provided at the best price possible when needed. Reliable suppliers are essential to people working to meet close deadlines, so dedicated paper managers keep an eye on the overall paper supply chain, forecasting future changes in both cost and supply to inform and benefit you.

Your paper supplier should be comfortable with you asking any questions about paper supplies, terminology and specification, as well as providing you with additional information to develop your product knowledge and awareness, so you are able to make decisions based on environmental and sustainability issues, wherever possible.

At Gould Publication Papers we are happy to discuss all of the above with you. Contact our team today and we will be pleased to explain more about paper management or any other aspect of sourcing paper including great prices.