Paper is the new Plastic for Shoppers and Stores

At Gould, we take environmental concerns very seriously, which is why we ensure all our products are fully recyclable. So we were very pleased to see corporations take advantage of eco-friendly paper after changing laws in the UK!

On October 5th, 2015, shoppers faced a charge for each plastic bag they used. Reactions to this new law were mixed; some rejoiced about the decrease of harmful bags, while others felt angered by the extra charges.

Bring on the Paper

Last month, a London-based Tesco store decided to give their customers more options by handing out free eco-friendly paper bags to save them from the additional charge.

The paper is covered in positive mottos like "love food, hate waste" with tips on how shoppers can make their food last longer. Customers can now make a choice to use these bags instead of paying for a standard plastic one or a 'bag for life'.

Is paper the new plastic?

Paper bags are a brilliant option to the alternative plastic bag. They're biodegradable and recyclable, which means they degrade better than their 5p competitor.

We also know that most of our paper supplies come from trees, making it a renewable source and therefore a lot more friendlier to the environment.

The department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs also recognises this and therefore has not placed any tax charges on the use of paper carries and holders for you shoppers.

We love ECO-friendly paper too!

We order recycled paper from Germany and Europe regularly, so you never know - your next order from us may of been a paper bag in it's previous life.

This is why using ECO-friendly paper is just fantastic since you can keep reusing it for different purposes. Once you're finished with it, the paper will only take two to six weeks to decompose, compared to plastic bags which hang around for between 10 and 20 years!

Find the original source on The Mirror Website Or check out Gould's Environmental Policy Statement