Retail Publishing

The Driving force in Retail Publishing

Gould recognises that the retail industry has benefitted strongly over the years from successful advertising, with the overwhelming success being proportional to leaflet campaigning. Therefore, it is no coincidence that when leaflets drop out of newspapers or are posted through the letterbox, the retail sector experiences a huge increase in footfall as a direct correlation.

With in excess of 50% of sales being attributable to leaflet advertising it becomes very apparent how much paper is required for successful campaigns.

Gould has been working closely with retail outlets and their print management companies, establishing a track record in sourcing paper in time and at a sustainable price level to meet the needs of the retail industry.

How we save retail publishers money:
Paper Price (our global buying power) Clever Paper Alternatives
Publication Size Analysis Postage Savings
Printer Excessive Waste

Growing retail printing demands

Our dedicated sales force works closely with the retail market sector, keeping both printers and the mill partners buzzing with work.

With our flexible and multi-facetted product portfolio we are able to meet the demands of your increasing runs, new campaigns and more individually targeted products.

Growing with Gould

We understand your commitment to paper requirements and equally the impact of environmental issues such as FSC/PEFC. We will assist you, as your sector works towards minimising the impact of print on paper whilst still needing paper for campaigns.

Our motivated and dedicated team provide rapid response to last minute marketing decisions to launch new campaigns.

Gould is first past the post in providing solutions for your production team.