Magazine Publishing

Specialist Suppliers to the Magazine Publishing Industry

Benefit from the sheer size of our buying power, which enables all our clients to gain from our volume purchases and competitive pricing structure. You will receive cost savings when you compare the prices we quote to the conventional costs used when you purchase through the usual supply route from the printer.

How we save magazine publishers money:
Paper Price (our global buying power) Clever Paper Alternatives
Publication Size Analysis Postage Savings
Printer Excessive Waste
Paper Management Gives You Real Savings

Printers’ paper waste remains a sizeable cost for publishers, so magazine publishers are constantly searching to reduce these costs through optimum efficiency. Using our complimentary paper management service, which is tried and tested, ensures that you will be given competitive prices and work with a firm paper cost, making budgeting and planning easier.

Our Paper Management Service calculates to the kilo your paper requirements, ensuring only the paper needed to print your magazine publication is ordered and delivered to your elected printers. This service is available at any print location of your choice.

You Select the Printer and See The Benefits

Ensuring that the optimum reel widths are used, so that wastage levels are kept to a minimum, saves you money; a bonus magazine publishers will appreciate. By working closely with your elected printer we will provide you with a detailed report after each print event, so you know where your money is being spent. This will highlight if the printer has over or under used your paper and will enable you to claim back on any over usage from your printer.

The original building blocks of our business were founded on supplying Magazine Publishers both small and large in the UK market. This foundation has led us to grow into other publishing sectors, such as catalogue, travel, retail, direct mail and within the commercial print sector. The magazine sector is of primary importance to our business and we have the experience and knowledge to give you the advantage.