Commercial Print

Commercial Print Overview

The print sector in the UK has become a much more consolidated segment in the last 18 months with mergers and closures. However, it has proven to be a time of significant growth for Gould Paper.

Why Choose Gould?

Historically printers have always been under the domain of mill direct supply. This mind-set is now changing. Gould’s independence enables us to purchase paper from any manufacturer supplying printers with a variety of grades, which is very attractive to the print buyer.

One call to Gould opens up the possibility of a number of options for the printer for different scenarios from WoodFree: Papers made only from cellulose (chemical fibre), usually benchmarked as containing less than 10% mechanical content. It maybe coated woodfree (CWF) or remain as uncoated woodfree (UWF) as a fine paper. In the USA it is known as a free sheet. ” class=”tooltipMe”>Woodfree. Although Gould is not a traditional stockist merchant we have designated service agreements in place, which enables us to supply bespoke deliveries within 48 hours of receipt of order.

How we save commerical print publishers money:
Paper Price (our global buying power) Clever Paper Alternatives
Publication Size Analysis Postage Savings
Printer Excessive Waste

The Future

Gould knows that the print sector is very competitive with mills always keen to support printers directly, but the rewards in terms of business and relationships in this sector when dealing with Gould as an independent paper supplier has proved invaluable to Gould’s clients.

The service and grade flexibility we offer enables strong relationships to be forged with the commercial print sector.