Catalogue Publishing

The Important Role of the Printed Catalogue

On average we spend eight hours a month browsing catalogues, or nearly one year of our lives. Gould is aware of the important role a catalogue plays in the early stages of purchasing decisions.

The catalogue is often used as the vehicle to primarily drive on-line sales activity. With 53 per cent of purchases influenced by the catalogue, Gould recognises the importance of the paper selection complimenting the products on the page. We work closely with catalogue publishers, assisting them to select alternative papers, which could reduce paper costs and associated postage costs, whilst not impacting on quality.

While being of key importance at the start of the purchasing process, the catalogue plays an important part at the end of the shopping process. Many catalogues remain in the home for a considerable time with a large percentage of catalogue users recommending products in a catalogue to family and friends. Whether your catalogue has a short or long shelf life, we have the paper grades that will fit the job perfectly, at a price level that suits your budget.

How we save catalogue publishers money:
Paper Price (our global buying power) Clever Paper Alternatives
Publication Size Analysis Postage Savings
Printer Excessive Waste

It’s all about Size

The sheer size of our buying power allows catalogue publishers to benefit from our volume and competitive pricing structure; which provides savings when compared to the conventional supply route from the printer.

Catalogues are here to stay!

Whilst on-line sales continue to grow, with in excess of 50 per cent of all on-line sales driven by catalogues, the catalogue will continue to compliment online and vice versa. We work closely with production and marketing departments to ensure the look and feel of your catalogue continues to compliment the various purchasing channels.

The services offered by Gould are very flexible and lend themselves to adaptation. Our expertise spans all sectors in the publishing papers market, so whether you run a multinational giant or are a small publisher, our team will develop paper solutions to match your every need and every budget.

Why choose Gould Publication Papers over a Printer for Your Catalogue Paper Supply?

Printers’ paper waste still remains a sizeable cost for catalogue publishers who constantly search for optimum efficiency. The Gould tried and tested complimentary paper management system simplifies the paper buying process. This ensures you benefit from a guaranteed supply of your chosen paper grade, at a fixed price to any print location, providing you with freedom or choice.