Paper Process Development

Improving your printing processes

The principles of paper manufacturing haven’t changed very dramatically during the last 50 years, with the standard format Foudrinier wire production method being ever enduring. The changes have been general improvements to the overall system and mainly to surface technology.

Coating techniques and raw materials have changed though, resulting in better brightness, higher whiteness, surface smoothness and gloss levels. All of these characteristics have a direct effect on the printability and aesthetics of the completed magazine or end product.

Printing Process Quality Improvements
These changes are not always instant, as mills are constantly making ongoing improvements and refinements to the specification of the paper. However, when there are major step changes this is usually due to market pressure; when it is a shade change from eg blue to red (l, a, b values), then this is often driven by the result of market research or feedback, whereas increases in gloss level are usually mill development changes to enhance the product. Print testing under a number of variable conditions will follow any development to ensure the end product will be reliable in the market.
Gould’s Role in Paper Process Development
At Gould, we work closely with our mill partners, understanding their motives for change, and advising what effect it will have on our business and how best we translate these changes to our customers. With mills manufacturing comparable products there are always technical and visual similarities. We work hard to ensure that we offer the most suitable product for our customers’ needs.