Customer Complaints and Print Dispute Resolution

Resolving Print and Paper Complaints for Printers and Print buyers

Paper and print complaints are always unwelcome. However, it’s in everyone’s interest to resolve them as quickly and fairly as possible. All parties have a responsibility to ensure accurate information is provided to the supplier, be it mill or merchant.

This is especially true if there is a claim for consequential compensation. It’s much the same way as you will be required to provide information for any insurance claim.

There are many do’s and don’ts relating to complaints. We have included a customer complaint matrix, which indicates more specific details relating to certain complaints. Supporting evidence and detail is paramount to resolving a complaint. There can never be too much evidence.


With certain types of complaints, attendance from our qualified technician may be required. However, it is still important to provide precise information to ensure the visit will be beneficial. We can provide technical knowledge and business solutions to help you with choice and save you time and money.

By offering impartial advice on print efficiency or new substrates we can head off potential problems before they occur. On-site troubleshooting, pressroom analysis and print seminars are all part of the service provided by our technicians as part of our extended customer support, utilising our extensive lab’ facilities.

  • Electronic Balance – measuring basis weight in gsm
  • Bendsten Tester – for smoothness & porosity in ml/min
  • Burst Tester – for burst strength in k/pa
  • Digital Micrometer – calliper in microns
  • Gurley Densitometer – porosity of coated sheets in secs/100ml
  • Highspec Gloss Meter – paper surface gloss %
  • Furnace – Ash content
  • Forced Draught Oven – Moisture content %
  • Minolta Spectrophometer – Brightness R457, Colour CIELab (La’b’) and Opacity
  • Vervide Colour Cabinet – Visual Colour Fluorescence
  • Tensile Tester – paper tensile strength N/15mm
  • Elmendorf Tear Tester – paper tear strength mN
  • Microscope – miscellaneous analysis
Remember a complaint doesn’t need to be stressful. If handled quickly and properly it can be turned into a potential sales opportunity.