In the Laboratory with Gould Publication Papers

At Gould Publication Papers we have access to some of the best and biggest paper mills around the world to supply our customers with top quality papers for their publications. However you may not know that we also have our own well-equipped paper laboratory complete with accompanying technician here in our office in Leatherhead. It is from here that we can independently test the many different aspects of paper.

So why would we want to do this and what purpose does it serve our clients and customers?

Independent paper testing is just one of the services that we offer to new and existing customers. Often a complimentary service, this enables us to go the extra mile in providing customer care and assisting publishers to produce the high quality printed products that they strive to produce.

There are usually four main reasons that we become involved in paper testing including finding new papers for your publication, print performance analysis, paper process development, complaint resolution and general consulting assistance. We will discuss these in more depth a little later on in the blog.

What can Gould test for?

In our laboratory we have a selection of sophisticated machines and pieces of equipment that check and test paper for various qualities, such as:

  • GSM (grammes per square metre)
  • Caliper (thickness of a single sheet)
  • Gloss
  • Opacity
  • Brightness
  • CIE whiteness
  • Smoothness
  • Porosity
  • Ash content
  • Moisture content
  • Burst strength
  • Paper tensile strength
  • Tear strength
  • COBB
  • We can also perform chemical tests to determine whether a paper is mechanical or woodfree.

Our paper laboratory is air-conditioned to the appropriate temperature and humidity to make sure that all tests are done in regulated and optimum conditions. Our laboratory is also calibrated on a yearly basis.

To find out about what some of these qualities are, why not visit our handy paper glossary for more information… Click here

Example: Laboratory Help for the Paper Buyer

Let us give you a quick example of a practical way that our laboratory can help you… Imagine that you are a publisher, producing a regular printed product (such as a magazine or catalogue) and have just seen or read an amazing magazine or catalogue. You decide you really like the paper, maybe the weight or finish is exactly what you are looking for and you want something similar for one of your own publications. This is where Gould steps in.

Simply tear a few pages out of this paper you like and post it to us. We can then take your sample paper into the laboratory to analyse it and find out exactly what qualities it has. Following the analysis, we proceed to source an equivalent paper (of the right gloss, weight etc) from one of our mill suppliers all within your budget parameters. We construct and send you a blank dummy product made up of this newly selected paper to check the look and feel. If you like and approve the paper, we can then go so far as to carry out print trials of this new paper to view your final publication in all its glory!

Print Performance Testing

Print performance testing is an assessment of the printed image on the given substrate (i.e. paper). This may be based on the opinion of how well the paper performed on press or it may be judged on the overall print result of ink gloss and colour balance of the subject matter. Paper has a huge impact on the final result of your publication, so Gould can help clients to make the right choice of paper and ultimately take the stress out of production plans. Paper testing in the laboratory and paper trials are all part of our print performance service. Find out more…

Paper Process Development

The principles of paper manufacturing haven’t changed very dramatically during the last 50 years with the main improvements being to the surface technology and raw materials. At Gould, we work closely with our mill partners, during paper process development to understand motives for change, and advising what effect it will have on our business and how best we translate these changes to our customers. Our print testing under a number of variable conditions will follow any development to ensure the end paper product will be reliable in the market. Find out more…

Complaint Resolution

Through our independent paper testing we can help resolve print and paper complaints between printers and print buyers. By testing the performance of the paper in question, our technicians can assist by providing impartial advice on any complaints that will need swift resolution. On-site troubleshooting, pressroom analysis and print seminars are also part of this additional service. Find out more…

General Consulting Assistance

In addition to all of the above we also offer general consulting assistance delivered by our highly trained technicians. As independent paper and print consultants, with years of practical mill knowledge and many years of field working with printers, this enables us to resolve most problems no matter how small or how large and also provide general advice on any paper-related issue. Find out more…

For More Information:

So, as you can see, Gould are more than just a paper supplier! We have our fully equipped laboratory with paper technician waiting to help you with a variety of technical solutions.

For information relating to technical matters, please contact:

Stephen O’Brien


Tel: 07715 176312