How We Save You Money

Did you know paper buying is the biggest cost?

With paper constituting the major cost of any magazines production budget, it is a factor that should be of significant concern.

By purchasing paper direct from Gould, your are gaining access to the complete spectrum of papers available enabling you to realise and maximise cost efficiency.

Our independence, expertise and experience allows us to suggest any grade from any mill, thereby providing freedom of choice, with the best possible information and strategies for saving costs.

Once you have selected the perfect grade for your publication, you have the security that your chosen grade will be delivered in time to your elected printer, ensuring fixed costs and consistency of supply no matter where you decide to put ink on paper.

Actual, not theoretical, paper costs
When purchasing paper direct, you always pay for the weight of paper delivered and not the theoretical weight as calculated and traditionally invoiced by your printer.  Paper is invariably undermade in weight terms, for example a 70gsm paper will have a tendancy to be produced between 67gsm and 69gsm.

When purchasing paper directly you automatically benefit from this saving of actual weight over theoretical weight, in this instance the saving is over 2%.

Excess waste: a publishers unknown nightmare.
Acute attention to paper waste levels is the next consideration.  Printers start up and running waste levels can vary hugely, and with over 600 titles a month regularly under our supervision, we have first hand knowledge of every press configuration available, and the waste levels that they can achieve. With our support and advice, we will support you in your negotiation ensuring the most efficient use of your paper.
Yes! money back from the printer

We work very closely with your elected printer to ensure the papers delivered by us for your publications are used efficiently.  Each printing is monitored by our account managers, paying particular attention to the usages reported by your chosen printer.

We provide you with monthly system generated reports confirming your usages.  If it is found that the volumes used are in excess of your agreements, the accuracy of these reports enable you to claim back the value of any excess costs.