Gould – Helping customers who print outside of the UK

If your business is expanding into international markets we can make it easy for you.

Gould are able to advise on all aspects of publishing, both print and paper. We can effectively purchase and supply papers anywhere in the world, all sourced and managed from the UK office.

As the UK division of the JPP/Gould Corporation, we are a fundamental part of the world’s largest independent distributor of publishing papers.

With offices in 28 countries and 57 cities worldwide we are a global group offering a local service, and our international scope means we have an unrivalled portfolio of products.

Paper around the world

Our paper management service and reporting continues in the same fashion as it would for UK printings. The only obvious difference would be terminology, for example in the States it is inches and pounds... and rolls rather than reels!

But this is something we already manage. We have an existing Gould UK customer using 30 different printers worldwide and we manage the paper supply from 12 different paper manufacturers, on a vast range of products.

Whatever the fundamental differences in language and dimensions, the Gould offering is still the same: the best paper for your product sourced and supplied anywhere in the world, the complete management package with all its cost saving opportunities and one point of contact no matter where you print.

If you need help and/or advice all you need to do is ask and we have more information on our Paper Managment page.

By Matt Pike, Sales Director