Gould had their very own presence at Olympics & Paralympics 2012

Our Environmental Consultant, Roger Warwick was one of the 70,000 Volunteer Force supporting the athletes and public alike at the Paralympics. Kitted out in the now well-known Volunteer uniform, he was present at Brands Hatch for the duration of the Paralympic Road Cycling events last week.

Roger said that the incredible athletes were an amazing collection of wonderful personalities, who made you forget about their various disabilities.

“They were so unassuming and humble without the need to be,” said Roger, “combined with the excellent weather it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the event”.

Roger was also involved in the Team GB Finale Parade in London on Monday although he missed out on the ballot to be amongst those selected as volunteers in The Mall.

He said,

“The whole affair was an incredible experience, and at my age(!) unlikely to happen again”.

Gould Publication Papers has a strong history of supporting the community in many ways and currently is a strong supporter of the charity CALM, amongst others, which does such great work.