Going for Gould

Kate Laming joined Gould in September as a Sales Executive. Arriving with an extensive sales background selling gift, confectionery, pharmaceutical and much more, Kate now finds herself looking at paper in a completely different way.

First Day on the Job

My first 4 weeks have absolutely flown by, and I’ve learnt loads about the paper industry and quite importantly what Gould do!! So how has the first month gone?

I arrived on Tuesday 1st September and spent the morning being introduced to everyone in both divisions. Gould Publication Papers, which is where my focus will in the sales team, specialises in the supply of paper and management services directly to the magazine, catalogue, direct mail, travel and retail publishing sectors.

Everyone has been so lovely and made it easy for me to fit in… PHEW!! After the introductions were out of the way... paper training commenced!

The Paper Room

The paper sample room became my 2nd home, spending hours familiarising myself with the different grades of paper; Newsprint, Improved Newsprint, SC, MFC, LWC, High White LWC, MW Coated + Near Wood Free and Wood Free. Each grade has varying characteristics, but I also gained knowledge of the different paper mills that we work with and the names of the paper each supply.

Getting used to the feel, touch, sound and even the smell of paper can indicate the grade and finish. Outside of work, I can’t but help pick up a magazine or piece of paper and attempt to guess the grade or finish. I will never think about paper in the same way!

To help understand the different grades, I will be spending some time at one of the paper mills in the near future learning about the papermaking process from start to finish, the different pulps used, and super calendaring etc. Watch out for my blog which will give an insight into paper making.

I quickly learnt about the different industries and customers that we supply and the various publications for each, all of which are managed by the amazing and extremely capable internal team. I was impressed to learn that Gould’s top customers have been with them for at least 10 years which speaks volumes. Gould’s excellent client portfolio is spread across a number of publishing sectors such as retail, magazine, travel, catalogue and direct mail.

Thrown into the Deep End

I had a crash course on printing and how to calculate the tonnage for orders, which involves a heap of complicated formulas. I must admit, it reminded me of a maths class 10 years ago, but this was waaay more interesting!

This really helped me to understand the terminology used when orders are placed, but also what’s involved when deciding on a print job, such as reel sizes and paginations. There are many methods of printing Gould specialise in. There will be more to follow as I learn about the various printing processes.

Overall, I’ve learnt a lot in the last month, and it’s been pretty busy, which is great! I’m already looking forward to what’s on the agenda for next month - watch this space!