First News for Children

With many of the younger generation submerged in the word of technology, it’s not surprising that more are interested in clutching their Smartphones than flipping through a daily paper.

In fact, many youngsters view newspapers as dull, boring, hard to read and with very little in there for them - but one paper has bucked the trend, is continuously growing and giving youngsters a love of paper.

Child-friendly Content for a Decade

First News is a newspaper directly aimed at children aged between 7 to 14-years-old, with two million readers per week. It contains exciting content, with colourful articles about entertainment, politics, sport, science and major news stories from the UK and around the world - while maintaining an easy read format

They have been creating child-friendly content for 10 years, and recently celebrated their 500th edition. It’s the only newspaper in the UK aimed at the younger generation,

Teaching children more than the news

By encouraging children to read physically instead of digitally, First News is helping to maintain high standards of proper spelling and grammar in children. Texting and online shortcuts have resulted in a decline in children's ability to spell and use grammar properly.

First News helps to demonstrate good grammar and literacy while being easy to read. It not only keeps youngsters aware of what's going on around them, but also educates them. Studies prove that today’s young generation have better general knowledge of history, and now is the right time to fix the knowledge of the future.

First News aim to present world reports in a manner easier for them to understand in comparison to major, more ‘adult’ newspapers. Their stories aim to breathe life back into paper and to help move children back into reading. Gould Paper Publications specialise in paper and know how important it is in interactions.

You can read more about First News here.