Eiger Offset Launch Party

Gould and guests recently enjoyed a successful launch party to showcase their new and exclusive publishing offset paper – Eiger Offset.

Brochures printed on Eiger Offset

Opening the event, Dom Blakey, MD at Gould Publication Papers, said: “We are delighted that Eiger Offset is now available to our customers; it's a grade we at Gould are extremely proud of. We are confident that it can deliver printed results you might not think achievable from an uncoated grade."

"Eiger Offset offers something for everyone. We are really excited about the potential it has."

So what are the benefits?

For printers:
  • Eiger Offset can be printed at speeds approaching those of coated grades.
  • It’s strong and stable so it lints less, requiring fewer blanket washes.
  • It uses ink efficiently: more sits on the surface and less is absorbed.
For customers:
  • Pin-sharp reproduction of your artwork is guaranteed.
  • It feels good and looks good: in spite of the smoothness of the grade, it is also one of the bulkiest.
  • It is as bright and white as any other sheet, but considerably more so than the traditional offset grades.
  • It is about the most opaque paper we have found.

You can use this paper in lighter weights than other offsets, reducing the amount of paper you need. If you are mailing, you will also save on postage costs.

It is our pleasure to announce that Gould Publication Papers will be hosting the Eiger Awards in December 2016. This is a celebratory event with some superlative prizes for our customers. We will be forwarding more information about the awards in the near future.

Excited about Eiger? Get in touch with our experienced sales team today to find out more.

Pictures from the Launch Party

Dom Blakey MD

Eiger Offset Paper feels and looks good

Eiger Offset Paper

Jack Mulberry