Direct Marketing is King

It's not unusual to stumble across a pile of colourful flyers when we step into our homes after a day's work. They fly through our letterboxes and out of newspapers and magazines. Information can also be found in the Print Power Magazine Autumn 2015 edition.

For some it's a nuisance and distraction from our busy lives - which is really the point of it. It is a great method of marketing your business. According to CMS Ltd, 83% of people find direct mail easier to absorb than email.

In this fast-paced digital age, print is still very relevant. "Print is interesting because it actually provokes people to read it," according to Britt Fero, executive vice president and head of strategy with Publicis, New York. "Just buying it or getting it in the mail provokes the reader to engage in a way that digital doesn't."

Why it works...


Interaction through digital marketing allows for an extended connection between your business and the customer, so they can engage with you in a relaxed environment.

Customers engaging with direct marketing products such as flyers and leaflets forms a bond with your company. This communicates with your consumer on a more personal level. It makes you appear like a friend, rather than a noisy advertisement dumped in the recycling bin.


The use of Precision Targeting presents a direct approach to your marketing by addressing the recipient by their name. New digital printing technology makes personalisation even easier.

Direct mail will very likely spark a response from your customer. The cost of each response is accurately measured.


Mailings come in many formats, using different shapes, sizes and colour and materials to create a memorable brand experience. Reports show that 48% of UK adults have reacted to an advert and 30% have brought a product as a result of mailing.

Adding direct mail to an integrated campaign can raise its effectiveness by up to 62%, while bridging technologies such as QR codes and augmented reality, make it simple for consumers to move from print to digital.

Choosing the right materials

At Gould we believe that better paper quality gives a better representation of your business and it's service. We supply many paper types and textures to suit the purpose and the budget set by you. Pick from Newsprint, Uncoated Supercalendered, Machine finished Coated, Standard lightweight Coated, Hi-white Lightweight Coated, Medium Weight Coated, Near Woodfree, Woodfree Coated and Recycled paper types.

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