Customer Case Studies: The Benefits of Partnering with Gould PART 2: Holiday Brochures

Were you aware that Gould Publication Papers also operates in the travel industry to assist clients in producing printed publications such as travel brochures?

Partnerships with the Travel Industry

The printing of travel brochures remains of paramount importance to this industry as a point of sale tool for attracting customers to buy holidays. We all know how attractive some blue sea and white sand can look on the printed page and many people here in our office certainly enjoy browsing through a glossy brochure or two to choose that special vacation.

Travel brochures need to be attractive to the end customer and the quality of the printed page is as important to our travel industry clients as is the cost to buy the paper to print it onto. Gould are acutely aware that print buying remains a significant part of the core business and the spend allocated to print and paper is always a high percentage of costs. In addition, due to the nature of the travel industry, the paper requirements tend to be periodic rather than continuous. We at Gould are therefore well versed in working in partnership with travel companies who experience significant variations in schedules, paginations and print runs.

Palm Tree

Following on from our previous blog post in this case study series, we wanted to share with you this second interview with one of our current clients in the travel industry.

Case Study 2: Travel Brochures

A Case of Paper Audits and Professionalism

One of our directors, Mandy Kent, has been working closely with this travel industry client since January 2014 and recently Mandy asked them just a few questions about how the relationship is developing so far.

Mandy: Can you briefly describe what type of business you are?

Client: A long-established publisher producing several holiday brochures

Mandy: How did you hear about Gould?

Client: Introduction through the tender process

Mandy: Can you list the top three reasons that you chose to work with Gould?


  • 1. Professional approach to the tendering process.
  • 2. Paper Management Service.
  • 3. Gould’s ability to source from all mills, providing us with freedom of choice on our paper.
Plane and Catalogue

Mandy: Can you describe the first publication / product that Gould helped you with?

Client: A full paper audit was completed to start with. Dummies on various grades were supplied to enable us to select our preferred grades. Gould’s print specialist recommended some changes to the printing of the brochures and some fine-tuning of reel widths and sheets sizes were implemented to minimize the paper wastage.

Mandy: Were there any issue/problems with your previous supplier or paper product that you were using?

Client: We had previously been purchasing paper via our printer and a stockist merchant. We wanted to have more control of grade selection to ensure continuity of paper grades being used, and transparency of paper usage. Gould’s paper management service now provides us with detailed paper usage information, highlighting any over or under paper usage and the associated costs. It also ensures efficient stock management.

Mandy: What paper did you choose to use in the end?

Client: Sappi RP400 is being used for the text pages and Sappi Royal Roto Gloss for the covers. These grades are being used in various grammages across all of the brochures we produce.

Mandy: What was the circulation / details of the final publication?

Client: Various circulations from 20,000 to 200,000 copies, along with pagination of 16pp, 24pp, 32pp, 64pp, 96pp, 192pp.

Mandy: So, overall, how would you describe your experience of Gould and the tender process?

Client: We have been publishing holiday brochures for many years, and have gone out to tender every two years for our print and paper. Gould introduced themselves to us and we invited them to take part in our recent tender. Gould’s approach to the tendering process and the value added services, which are included within their service offering, made them stand out from the other participants. We have been working with Gould now since January 2014, and the relationship is working well. They are an extension of our production team, confidently managing all of our paper requirements.

Mandy: So what’s next?

Client: We are starting to explore the idea of Gould supplying paper for the other companies within our group. This will be beneficial to all parties.

Mandy: Thank you for answering our questions and we wish you all the best with your travel publications.

Paper Audit and Professionalism
Print Performance

So with this particular travel industry client we helped them to optimise their paper spend and minimise production waste. The initial paper audit was a key part to doing this effectively and enabled us to breakdown areas where we could improve and fine-tune their paper supply.

A professional approach across all levels of contact, means that this client, like many others, has reaped the benefits of partnering with Gould for their paper supply.

Mandy would also like to comment that: "The relationship is moving from strength to strength and the customer’s marketing team is pleased with the new paper grades being used and continuity of grades. Gould is arranging a paper education seminar at the customer’s premises for the production and marketing teams. The seminar, From Wood To Paper, will help them understand the papermaking process and how we manage their paper requirements."

If you produce a travel brochure and would like to find out more about the various paper products we supply for this industry, why not give Mandy a call on +44 (0)1372 385 133 or email We can also provide similar informative seminars to educate your team further about the papermaking and paper supply process.

We also have lots of information about our various paper products on our website here for you to browse Paper Products

In Part 3 of this ‘Customer Case Studies: The Benefits of Partnering with Gould’ blog series, we will interview a third type of publication client and share some of the thoughts and findings with you.