Customer Case Studies: The Benefits of Partnering with Gould – PART 1: Magazine Publisher

Over the course of 2014, the external team at Gould Publication Papers have spoken to a range of publishing clients looking to go out to tender for their paper supply. These clients have done this for various reasons but in each case we have helped them through this process and assisted in various ways, either saving money or time on their paper supply and management.

Therefore throughout this blog series, we intend to work through a selection of recent case studies, highlighting just why these clients have gone out to tender and discussing some of the benefits of working with Gould Publication Papers. Sometimes we feel that not everyone realises just what a wide variety of clients we work with, from a range of industries such as retail, catalogue, travel, magazines and direct mail.

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Key Themes and Case Studies

From our point of view, we have found the process of preparing tenders and proposals for companies this year a really revealing and interesting one. More often than not it has highlighted to ourselves, just what a vast depth and breadth of experience within all of our teams that we have... from industry knowledge, to technical knowledge, paper supply knowledge and environmental expertise - it is all there!

Throughout the year, we have been quizzing various clients after the tender process is complete, asking them exactly why they chose to partner with Gould. We must say that the results have been very interesting. There have been key themes that underpin many of the reasons why publishing clients work with us, and so as part of each case study, some of these key themes will be revealed.

Case Study 1: Magazine Publisher
A Case of Technical Support and Vast Product Knowledge...

One of our external team members and our resident Technical Executive, Stephen O’Brien, has been working closely with a particular publishing client over the past few months and he spent a few moments interviewing this client to find out more about their experiences with Gould Publication Papers.

Stephen: Can you briefly describe what type of business you are? Client: We are a magazine publisher of 17 monthly titles, based in the suburbs of London. Our turnover is approximately 2.8 million.

Stephen: How did you hear about Gould? Client: Recommendation via one of your existing clients.

Stephen: Can you list the top three reasons that you chose to work with Gould? Client: Firstly and quite simply price. The papers we were offered were affordable and fitted into our budgets. Secondly, confidence - based on how Gould approached things and answered certain questions. There was a question about insurance once the paper had been delivered to the printer and then a question about paper quality/claims. Both were answered very quickly using Stephen’s knowledge, having worked for a printer but also within his dual role as Technical Executive. This gave us confidence and reassurance that Gould will handle things properly, from every single aspect of buying paper, thus taking away any fear of dealing outside printer supply. Thirdly, the quality of service.

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Stephen: Can you describe the first publication / product that Gould helped you with? Client: Our company has grown so much in the past three years that we reached the stage where we wanted to start buying our own paper. The previous paper we used was a gloss paper and we wanted to look at silk papers and give some quality to our titles. After several discussions, we chose to use Galerie Fine Silk 100gsm for our two flagship titles & we have just trialed Grapho Silk 70gsm for the remaining 15 titles. We don't have exact circulation details to hand but they are approximately 30k and 96pp’s to 216pp’s depending on the area of the title.

We were really pleased with these choices as the papers put forward provide us with more of a feel of quality to the magazines which is what we were looking for. They have good brightness, good bulk and for silk papers you get a very good ink gloss.

Stephen: So what’s up next for your company?

Client: After we have had such successful results, further trials were looked at for the remaining 15 titles. Those tests are now completed and we are going through the process of discussing samples, viable alternatives, pricing and the full paper management service. We will also start to discuss cover paper requirements as well. We are looking forward to see how this relationship builds alongside our growing business,

Stephen: Thank you for answering our few questions and we wish you all the best with your current 17 magazine titles.

Technical Support and Vast Product Knowledge...

So from a simple client recommendation, Stephen, with his paper expertise has been able to advise and support this client as they expand their portfolio and explore different papers for their magazine titles. And this is not a one-off example, we had several very similar case studies that quoted similar themes.

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We hope that this case study provides a little bit more insight into our magazine publishing clients that we work with and how a phased approach to paper supply, beginning with trials and expanding into full paper management can work very successfully.

For more information about the various paper products we supply and to explore some alternatives to a paper that you already use, why not give Stephen a call on +44(0) 1372 385133 or email him on

We also have lots of information about our various paper products on our website here for you to browse:

In Part 2 of this ‘Customer Case Studies: The Benefits of Partnering with Gould’ blog series we will interview a client that produces holiday brochures to investigate their experiences.