Consultancy Services


Gould has been helping their clients understand chain of custody procedures, both FSC & PEFC since 2007. This has continued to be the main focus for publishers and printers alike in recent years. For many wanting to run their business with safe environmental credentials, it has been the biggest source of concern as they try to understand all the information they need. Gould’s Environmental Officer (EO) is available to assist our clients in resolving environmental issues. This may be providing simple responses to external questions about sustainable products, help in understanding and responding to corporate end user questionnaires or working together to achieve FSC or PEFC certification*. Our EO is able to attend site meetings and seminars to help our clients unravel the complexities of environmental truths and myths, which arise on an almost daily basis.

How do we prepare you for FSC and/or PEFC certification? Initially our EO will visit and run a pre-audit to better understand your business and procedures. A draft template of what is required to proceed to the next stage will then be drawn up. Once the decision has been made to seek certification a detailed documentation and training of personnel becomes the next stage. Once this has been completed, we will make a ‘dry run’ of the potential certification audit to ensure that all components are in  place. Our EO will also be available for the audit and subsequent annual audits as required.

We don’t just abandon you once you are certified. Our EO continues to be available to help you remain updated with changes in the FSC/PEFC scheme standards, help with questions from your customers or support you with other related issues. * for training and writing the procedural documents in preparation of chain of custody certification there may be some costs involved.