Colour Management + ISO12647

Quite simply – colour management is a complicated area. Designers are constantly striving to ensure that the results they get are what they are expecting, especially when they are viewing proofs on screen, in a variety of formats and as a finished printed product.

Recent Developments – Standardising Colour Management

Recently, the graphics industry has attempted to adopt a common standard for colour management, where colour accuracy is measured against a common standard.

This has the advantage of allowing colours to be verified externally, by both the printer and the designer, against the standard.

The new European standard, which has been generally adopted, is ISO 12647-2:2004. Implementation of this standard has been designed to help achieve consistency throughout a project, wherever it is printed.

Standardised Colour Management and Paper

There are some stumbling blocks in the process of colour management standardisation relating primarily to paper.

Generically, paper types have been classified within the ISO standard in such a way that papers in one category often have different technical specifications. This has resulted in a number of issues especially for colour management, as the standard result expected under the ISO12647 procedure is compromised.

We will be explaining some of the complexities of this as blogs on this site in the future…... In the meantime, if you cannot wait and want a free paper management audit please contact us and we will be happy to discuss which paper will help you achieve the best result.

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