Trialling alternative paper grades

We had reservations about purchasing on a direct basis, given our small usage of paper. Our lack of paper knowledge was also a concern, as historically our printer had supplied our paper. The switch went smoothly, and Gould took care of the entire process.
The Client
We commenced discussions  in August 2011 and found a very acceptable outcome in November 2011
The Problem
With ever increasing paper costs we approached Gould Publication Papers to discuss options which would reduce our costs, highlighting that it was very important not to jeopardise too much on the quality of our magazine.
The Solution

Gould proposed several options, whereby the loss of quality was kept to a minimum; these included using the same generic grade options, but with in-between weights and higher bulk grades, so that we did not lose out on the overall look and feel of the magazine.

Following discussions regarding each option and the benefits of each, Gould organised trials to enable us to physically see the publication on the proposed grades.  Gould’s Technical Manager attended the print trials to ensure everything went smoothly, working closely with the Press Crew regarding the overall performance of each grade.

The Outcome

Having discussed each option at length with Gould, along with the relevant cost savings and the press performance, a decision was made to commence purchasing our paper on a direct basis from Gould.

By allowing Gould to work closely with us and our printer, they provided new ideas that the client had not previously considered. We were able to not only offset the price increases, but also make considerable savings and only a minimal impact on the quality of our magazine.