Gould reduced our paper costs and saved our magazine

After being informed that our paper prices were increasing, we had concerns about the survival of our magazine. Gould’s expertise and support has enabled us to reduce our paper costs by 6%.
Print & Production Director
The Client

We are a small independent publisher with one monthly magazine for designers.

The Problem

Earlier this year our printer, who provides us with the finished magazine advised of a price increase on the paper element, which was a real body blow to us. Costs are our biggest headache especially as we are only funded by our subscription list, and quite simply we knew that any increase could question the future of the magazine.

Action to solve the problem

One of our editorial staff knew somebody at Gould Publishing Papers, and suggested they might be able to help. We had never considered buying our own paper as we were too small, and also believing that the printer would always do their best for us. A call to their sales office generated a positive reaction, and one of their sales team came to see us. They looked at the size of our magazine, and the sheet size the printer was using, and quickly calculated that by reducing the sheet size from 720×1020 to 695×995 we could reduce our paper costs by 6%, which basically annulled the price increase.

The Outcome

Our only concern was that the printer might not be happy with this arrangement, but Gould took responsibility for the transition of this for us, and happily our magazine continues to thrive thanks to them.