Be a Woodland Creation Champion

Sustainable use of forest trees is a very important issue for Gould and for our clients - it's why all paper products in our range have been carefully chosen with environmental concerns in mind, and each one is fully recyclable.

If the preservation of our woodlands is important to you, and you've planted trees in the past (or managed a woodland planting project), you should investigate the Woodland Creation Champion programme. Even your business can become involved!

Planting Trees
Championing the Cause

It's run by the Woodland Trust, and as a part-time volunteer, you'll be helping the organisation in their quest to double the amount of native woodland in the UK.

Woodland Creation Champions help a wide variety of groups - from landowners to school children - get to grips with their own woodland creation projects.

Using their expert knowledge and experience with tree planting, champions provide advice and support over the phone and via email, answering queries and inspiring their contacts to continue forward with their planting plans.

Champions also visit planting sites, both before and after the planting process. For the former, you'll be there to help rally the troops and give your contacts confidence in their projects, as well as offering guidance where they need it.

For the latter, you'll be monitoring the progress of recent planting sessions and providing any further advice that your contacts require.

There's also the opportunity to speak at agricultural meetnhss and shows, promoting the benefits of planting trees and motivating the public to take action.

You'll learn a lot about woodland creation, including the obstacles it faces in the modern world, and the reasons for pushing ahead with tree planting projects.

British Woodland
Become a Partner

Of course, not everyone has the time to volunteer - but if you're still passionate about the woodlands, there is an alternative.

Your business can become a partner of the Woodland Trust, opening up a range of marketing and licensing opportunities. It's a great way to help you meet sustainability targets and support your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Speaking of Corporate Social Responsibility, Gould Publication Papers can help your organisation implement a range of practices designed to reduce your environmental impact. For more information visit our Sustainability page or call Gould on +44 (0)1372 889794.