Amazing Structures Made with Paper

If you have recently being taking paper for granted, or even thinking paper has past its usefulness, then think again.

The digital era is making it easier for artists and engineers to make amazing structures and creations out of paper

As you can see from the examples below there are some inspirational people out there.

Weight Bearing Paper Bridge

paper bridge Artist Steve Messam's paper bridge

It was the environment that inspired artist Steve Messam to create a four-tonne paper bridge, strong enough to let people walk across it.

Standing two metres high and measures five metres long, it was self-supporting and didn’t need glue, tape, screws or bolts.

“It’s about finding the right location and how the location works in terms of sightlines, in terms of colour and where the light is moving throughout the day” said Messam “It isn’t too close to the car parks, so people will have to make an effort to come and see it.”

In this video, Messam reveals how the bridge was created.

The bridge was up for only six days in the Lake District. Many walkers and non-walkers, went the extra mile and gave it a go.

Paper Architect

Shigeru Ban is well known for constructing buildings completely out of paper. He’s created churches out of paper tubes and relief shelters for victims of various disasters such as the Kobe earthquake.

Ban is the only architect in the world to create buildings made of paper, and in 1986 he started to test the paper tube as a building material. He found out that they are a lot stronger than expected and easy to water and fire proof.

After realising his buildings could help others, he created temporary shelters and churches for refugees out of paper tubes, which were cheaper than aluminium and stopped people cutting down trees, reducing deforestation.

In this video, Ban also explains how he arrived and this amazing use of paper and that some of his buildings have become permanent.

For more inspiration take a look at this Bamboo Paper board from Pinterest for some more paper projects.

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