Alice Hector – World Champion

*We're delighted that Alice Hector has won gold at the Triathlon World Championships! On Friday 13th 2013, Alice completed the three-stage competition with a total time of 1 hour, 9 minutes and 20 seconds.

Alice is sponsored by Gould Publication Papers, along with Leipa, Condat, Stora Enso and Holmen. We couldn’t be happier for Alice's success, and we're sure 2014 is going to be a even better year.

Below is Alice's reaction to last week's events and her big plans for 2014...*

A Message of Thanks

Hello guys, just wanted to send a message of appreciation to everyone who has contributed to getting me my first World Championship title! It's been a whirlwind 6 months... a lot of hard work has been done but I have enjoyed every second and if I am honest, the results have come far easier than I expected.

This year I became Scottish National Champion as well as World Champion. I have raced well closer to home too, and have won two races outright, including the men, which is always the best feeling ;)

I raced professionally before, up to 2007, but didn't have the strength I seem to have now, and with a top notch support network in place, the difference is astounding. Everything is so positive and 'colourful' and I can only thank you for this.

The Year Ahead

2014 will see me now step up to Long Distance racing, which includes Ironman, on the professional circuit. Ironman is made up of a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike followed by a marathon. It's very much mind over matter, and having run up to 100 miles before and never having lost an ultra marathon, I feel I am very well equipped for this next challenge.

Alice Hector's new running kit

The long term goal is to hit Hawaii: the much fabled Ironman World Championships. It is part of a 2 year plan, as it will take serious work to do well on that stage.

I will be racing under your logos in 2014 and we have some new kit printed up, which we are getting professionally shot later on this month, but I thought you might like to see these recent snaps. We think it will stand out well amongst the usual black attire!

Unfortunately for the World Championship we had to race wearing the GB kit, but the kit choice is ours in Ironman, and I will endeavour to bring you as much exposure as possible in the coming season.

I will keep in touch with how things progress, but for now I am on a two week break and intend to do as little movement as physically possible!

Huge thanks again,


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