At Gould we pride ourselves on our heritage, size, experience, knowledge, financial security and having the best team in the industry. With in excess of 86 years experience and representatives in 57 cities we are well versed to service the UK, European and global customers. From our UK office we also manage our customer’s overseas requirements, supplying in metric or imperial into any country in the required local currency. Our team’s extensive experience from printing, publishing and paper manufacturing ensures we provide our customers with the knowledge and high service levels that are required to secure long term partnerships.

Value Added Services

To ensure we maintain a high level of service to our customers we offer value added services, which includes:

  • Our bespoke complimentary paper management system, tailored to meet your individual requirements.
  • Access to our customer on line service, which enables you to view your forecasted tonnages, stocks and usage statistics.
  • Provision to our environmental services, which helps you to achieve and enhance your environmental credentials.

We have an experienced technical team who are available 24/7 to attend any paper related problems at your printer and we also have an approved laboratory to carry out independent paper analysis and testing. We provide complimentary seminars and training to enhance you and your marketing team’s awareness of the variety of papers available and their suitability. These seminars will be tailored to meet your individual business requirements.

Our Competitor differentials
  • At Gould we have a flat management approach which enables a quick, direct response.
  • Our independence, not being tied to any one mill or print group, ensures that we are able to offer non biased advice.
  • Our Global presence enables us to provide a perspective of actual markets, resulting in better tracking of market trends.
  • Solid financial security.
  • Local representation, providing the world’s largest global footprint.
  • We CARE! That way you gain!