Eiger Offset

Gould recognised the need for a high quality publishing offset grade, and set about developing a truly unique product that we could introduce to the market.

The result is Eiger Offset… available exclusively from Gould Publication Papers

Eiger Offset is whiter, brighter, smoother, bulkier and more opaque than other offset papers, and we believe it is the best all round Offset paper for high quality graphic printing.

Eiger Offset is ideally suited to the retail, direct mail, catalogue, magazine and travel publishing sectors, providing –

  • Bulk and rigidity that offer the potential for yield savings.
  • An unrivalled smoothness that equals good run ability and lower ink usage than other offset papers.
  • Whiteness, brightness, opacity and even formation that make for sharper images, crisper text and minimal show through

Its distinctive characteristics are derived from the particular type of pulp used in its production, giving Eiger the best combination of high cell wall thickness and high number of fibres per unit mass, the perfect combination for excellent paper making.

Eiger Offset is available in reels and sheets, please view the technical specifications Why settle for second best… please contact the sales team at Gould for samples and more information – eigeroffset@gouldinternational.co.uk

Clients using Eiger include…


  • Large portfolio of paper grades
  • Full technical support
  • Annually Calibrated Lab
  • FSC & PEFC certified
Production and Environment Awards 2013 FSC UK