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Magazine Paper Supplier/Merchant Of The Year

In March 2013 Gould Publication Papers were delighted to be awarded ‘Magazine Paper Supplier/Merchant Of The Year’ at the PPA Production & Environment Awards.

The judges were impressed with Gould’s excellent paper management, reporting system, clear environmental certification and Gould’s very close customer relationships.

Nominated by BMJ, a long standing customer of Gould. BMJ stated that Gould is a true partner who provides a team of experts, who know our business very well and supply an excellent service. As Catherine Harding-Wiltshire, Head of Production & Operations, BMJ Group wrote:

"Gould has a paper management and reporting system which is easy to use and provides us with peace of mind and ensuring no additional workload. Integrating into our production systems and our printers.

Because of the long standing relationship between the two companies, Gould knows us, our requirements and our evolving business. They work very hard to present us with the latest developments in different papers and advise us on where they might NGfit into our business."

Other areas in which BMJ thought we excelled was our independence:

"They are not tied to any one mill, providing us with the ability to source a wide range of papers to suit every publication. They are FSC & PECF accredited and are experienced environmental consultants who can provide us and their other clients with information and assist with achieving their accreditations."

On behalf of the team at Gould we’d like to thank PPA for the award, BMJ for the nomination and look forward to another successful year in the paper industry.

And you can find out more about our service on the Paper Management page.

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